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Baker (10/22)
Title:Baker (10/22)
Location:Offsite Kitchen

The Willy Street Co-op, designated "Best Place to Work" in 2012 by Madison Magazine, is hiring for a FT Baker to work in our production kitchen. Previous on the job baking experience, preferably with large-scale batch production is required.   Qualified candidates should also have excellent knowledge and practice of foodservice sanitation, enjoy working in a fast paced environment, the ability to perform strenuous work at an ambitious pace consistently, a history of outstanding punctuality, an ultra positive attitude, a true team player, and enjoy physically demanding and potentially messy work.  If you think you are a good match and have an open schedule with weekend availability then please apply online. 

This job is at our offsite Kitchen on the eastside of Madison for 40 hours per week. Pay rate is $10.79 - $14.04. 
Benefits include an extremely generous paid sick, vacation and holiday package, fully paid health and dental, 401(k) matching, profit sharing, Flexible Spending and Dependent Care accounts, 20% employee discount and more!  Please visit the employment section of our website ( for more details.

We are accepting applications on an ongoing basis so get yours in fast if you want to be considered for this round of hiring.

Job Title: Baker


Reports to: Bakery Manager



To create a wide range of baked goods.



Hourly position, up to 40 hours per week.


Essential Functions:

1. Customer Service Customer service is WSGC's primary focus in providing food, goods, and services to its customers. It is the goal of the staff that all customers are treated in a respectful and courteous manner, paying close attention to their individual needs.

  • Treat customers in a friendly manner.
  • Handle any bakery-related questions in a professional manner. Special Orders are a priority and must be prepared in ample time for customer pick-up. All phone calls from customers wishing to place a special order for the bakery should, whenever possible, be referred directly to the bakery manager. If this is not possible, make sure to get either a phone number or an email address from the customer and tell them the bakery manager will contact them to confirm their order.

2. Baking WSGC provides a growing variety of fresh and delicious baked goods. Bakers are responsible for preparing this selection of consistently high quality and delicious bakery items in a sanitary and healthful manner.

  • Follow production schedules and meet production standards for fresh baked goods as determined by the bakery manager.
  • Plan food preparations to economize on tasks.
  • Assure that all baked goods are tasty, fresh, and attractive.
  • Package, label, and stock bakery as needed. Be sure all items are properly labeled with the date and a list of ingredients so that food may be properly labeled for customers.
  • Inform bakery manager of low stock on ingredients or of special ingredient needs so as to assist in minimizing out of stocks. When executing a recipe, check to see if there is enough product to execute the same recipe again–if not, write it down on a needs list and verbally inform the bakery manager.
  • When preparations are completed, store unused ingredients, place dirty dishes in dishwashing area, and clean up thoroughly.
  • Maintain accurate records as required, including completing temperature/time logs for HACCP requirements as needed.
  • Maintain a clean and sanitized workspace according to the HACCP plan, frequently cleaning all equipment including coolers, knives, cutting boards, etc.
  • Participate in kitchen-cleaning nights and inventories as assigned.
  • Maintain personal cleanliness including clean clothes and aprons, and consistently clean hands.

3. General Kitchen Assistance The offsite kitchen staff operates as a team. Duties of one job will often flow into the duties of another. Bakers are responsible for participating as conscientious, helpful members of this team.

  • Manage oven and stove, keeping an eye out for others' projects and assisting other staff as needed.
  • Inform Deli Manager of equipment failures or problems with kitchen related systems.
  • Be ready and willing to help any other employee of the OSK complete a task or ready a product for delivery.
  • Participate in cleaning the bakery at the end of the workday according to the checklist provided by the bakery manager.

4. General Duties

  • Take initiative to increase your own product knowledge.
  • Communicate in a professional manner and with respect.
  • Maintain the kitchen according to the HACCP plan in a neat and tidy manner, ensuring that all supplies and equipment are safely stored and out of the way.
  • Orient and be helpful to new employees.
  • Set a positive example for co-workers.
  • Participate in periodic department meetings.
  • Participate in co-worker evaluations.
  • Participate in required trainings.
  • Write an annual self-evaluation.
  • Answer phones as necessary.
  • Take on other tasks as assigned by supervisor.


  • Experience in food preparation and bakery technique in a production setting.
  • Ability to execute full worklists consistently and to a high standard of quality/consistency.
  • Knowledge of whole, natural, and organic foods.
  • Servsafe certified or command of food safety and sanitation practices.
  • Excellent sense of organization and follow through on commitments.
  • Ability to develop and maintain favorable relations with staff, members, and vendors.
  • Excellent communications skills.
  • Ability to handle multiple demands.
  • Ability to handle stressful situations in a calm, effective manner
  • Excellent and consistent customer service skills.
This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications
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